Applied Sustainability Coaching

Course Content:

10 Board Approved CE’s $229.00

  • Brain-Based Learning
  • Emotional Sensitivity
  • Emotional Resilience Theory and Application
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Mindfulness
  • Cognitions of Choice
  • New Choice Thinking
  • A Philosophy for Living
  • Applying What We Learn
  • Applying What We Know and Social Entrepreneurship

Individuals, couples, families, as well as organizational environments, seek sustainability.  Lasting endurance mixed with the ability to maintain a consistency, wellness, and integrated holism epitomizes sustainability.  Dr. Clare Steffen created Sustainability Coaching to integrate the elements of neuroscience, emotional resilience, wellness, mindfulness, healthy choice and applied learning.  Assist your clients in becoming mindfully present intrapersonally, interpersonally, and inter-relationally to engage on a conscious level.  Offering your clients an organized thinking and decision-making system will provide them the opportunity to create choice at a conscious level.  Teaching your clients a brain-based approach to applied learning within each environment to which they relate will support the development of emotional resilience, wellness, and sustainability coping.  Clients frequently engage a coach to seek to assist in creating a new life plan and to change direction in life. Utilize the Wellness Self-Awareness Scale, Creating Confidence Thinking Assessment, and the Emotional Sensitivity Self-Assessment to define and build a strength-based resilient foundation for your client to orchestrate life changes and develop a philosophy for living.  Add sustainability coaching to your practice to make a socially responsible contribution to the field, and explore the global opportunities for social entrepreneurs to build a better world.  Assist your clients in changing courses, creating new choice thinking and help them create a sustainable life map.

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