Board Certified Training

Certified Choice Coach Training Program
 (30-hour Foundation Training Program & 60 or 125 Hours Advanced Training Programs):
       Choose Your Track Emphasis
  • General Credential
  • Business & Executive Coaching
  • Life-Choice Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Career Coaching (is offered as part of our specialty designation and continuing education training)


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Integrative Coaching

Choice Coaching

Life has a balance that we seek to maintain in an effort to be healthy. Because everything in life is relational, this balance can be extremely delicate.  Coaching Choice College provides a holistic and integrative approach to coaching through each training.  As the field of coaching grows and expands, it has gathered professional recognition and can stand alone.  It can also be applied integratively and work alongside the services of other Allied Health Professionals.  Today, coaching services are made available through managed health care systems, in education, and other settings.

Coaching Choice College keeps abreast of the advancements in the field of coaching and takes an evidence-based and research model approach to coaching which results in the provision of training that is of the highest caliber.   The "Choice" model approach to coaching, offers the client an ability to create a philosophy for living.  Coaches trained in the choice model as created by Dr. Clare Steffen, are armed with a unique set of skills that differentiate them from the average coach.

Whether you want to provide coaching services within a traditional model, work alongside other professionals, or develop your private coaching practice, learning the choice model of coaching will expand your skills and ability to positively impact your client's lives. Everything in life is connected, integrated, and relational, and so providing an approach to coaching that recognizes this reality will assist you and your client in keeping a healthy balance.  "Choice" is part of that delicate formula and understanding how it works, how to develop choice, and the most efficient manner and healthful way to apply it will bring excellent results for you and your clients.  Start today to learn and teach the "Choice" Coaching Model.

(Using the Choice Model as an Adjunct to Therapy Applications or as a Stand Alone Approach in Coaching):

  • Adult Coaching
  • Child and Adolescent Coaching
  • Couples Coaching
  • Marriage and Family Coaching
  • Geriatric Coaching
  • Anxiety and Trauma Recovery Coaching
  • Business/Corporate Health Coaching
  • Learning Concerns & Academic Coaching
  • Substance Misuse Coaching
  • Multi-Cultural & /Diversity Coaching
  • Entrepreneurial Consultation &  Coaching
  • Parenting & Co-Parenting Education & Coaching
  • Medical & Behavioral Health Coaching
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Assessment & Evaluation in Coaching
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An Individualized, Brain-Based Coach Training Approach

Maximizing Life Experience and  Choice in Your Approach to Coaching
Each of us has life experience that are teachable moments that can empower us in a healthy way.  When an evidence-based research approach to coaching is applied, we can utilize the strengths we gain to develop our coaching skills.  Learning not only changes the way we think, feel, and behave, but it can restructure our brains.  Whether our experiences are positive or negative, our ability to be resilient is significant.  Our ability to sustain and thrive can be modeled to our clients.  This strength can be directed and focused in different areas of functioning and result in the development of creative approaches to coaching and the enhancement of our skills as we create our specialty niches in coaching.
Dr. Clare Steffen is masterful in assisting coach trainees with applying their life experiences, skills, strengths, and limitations, to utilize them to enhance their learning experiences and connection to life.  This approach can be applied no matter which area of coaching is of interest.  Our list of niche areas is provided on the page tab under "services."  We also provide training in the specialty designation areas and apply this individualized teaching model to our coach training.  It is your unique experience that makes you stand out in the field of coaching.  We here at Coaching Choice College are committed to assisting you in making a social contribution and in developing your skills as a social entrepreneur and choice coach.  Why not start today and become a coach who defines their client work by "choice?"  Take your coaching practice to the next level as you learn our choice model and apply it in life and in coaching, and become the model coach your clients want to emulate.  As each of us individually grows, we support one another and strengthen.  It is our university that connects and keeps us in balance.  Join today by taking one of our trainings and begin your journey of integrating your uniqueness into your practice through our approach of holistic education in coach training.
An Exemplar Model of Expanding the Social Model of Coaching and Making a Community Contribution~
Family of Choice (FOC) Coaching:  Choice coaching is a specific approach to coach training and when combined with FOC coach training it goes beyond the traditional coaching model and extends mentoring to the development of family support by offering a healing community.  Visit:
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Coaching Choice College Philosophy


Philosophical Foundation:  New Choice Thinking offers an integrative coaching approach utilizing cognitive-behavioral, neuropsychological, and natural health methods.  The foundation of coaching is based on advances in the fields of cognitive-behavioral psychology, education, neuroscience, behavioral medicine, and wellness.  It shares the theoretical roots of existential psychology, choice/control theory, information processing, and social and emotional intelligence.  Building on the best from each of these schools of thought; the coaching approach incorporates the advantages of "social networking."  This holistic approach to coaching allows for the complex and multi-faceted manner in which people communicate in today's world.  Taking into considering that we live in a global society, with multi-cultural influences in which communication occurs instantly; coaching efforts must adapt to the broader spectrum.  As the lines of communication become blended the opportunity for change increases.

Coaching Choice College

Choice Coaching Training Program:  Coaching Choice College offers a social entrepreneur development program in holistic coaching.  The basic training program offers 30 hours of training in three tracks: business, life-choice, wellness coaching   Courses in Career Coach Training are offered through our specialty designation and continuing education program.  A 60 & 125-hour advanced training program is available for further development of choice coaching skills and your personal coaching business. Choice Coaching can be provided separately or alongside therapy services or integrated with other allied health professional services. Generally, coaching does not delve into diagnostic areas which can be done in therapy and the coach would either refer to a licensed therapist to address therapy issues or work conjointly with the client's licensed therapist or medical or holistic professional in providing services. Coaching Choice College provides a coach training program that offers broad application along with specialty training modules & programs.

Bureau of Post-Secondary Education: Exempt under criterion # 94874  Subsection F 


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