By the completion of the program, the student will have acquired the skills, training and developed the necessary materials to start their coaching business.  All our classes are self-paced and online and are provided support and directionality by Dr. Clare Steffen to support and enhance your individualized learning and training experience. 

East Meets West: Wellness Choice Coaching ($1,500.00)

1. Core Competencies

2.  Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

3. Our Choice Define Us: Wellness & Prevention

4.  Ethics: Our Guideposts in Coaching

5. The Development of New Choices

6.  Wellness as a Metaphysical Choice

7.  Beyond Problem Solving to Growth Assessment and Evaluation

8. East Meets West: Integrated Wellness Coaching

Holism is key to creating wellness and life balance.  No matter what choice is in front of us in life, we will benefit from making a decision that comes from our deepest level of connection to self and others.  Exercising choice and learning to utilize the Cognitions of Choice will allow you and your client to partner in making healthy personal and professional choices.  To learn more about how to apply the New Choice in coaching, contact Coaching Choice College and make a commitment to wellness today! 

Other Level 1 Programs:

  • Advocacy~Integrating a Victim-Defined Approach $1,500.00

  • Social-Emotional Intelligence Coaching  $1,500.00  

Visit: call Dr. Clare E Steffen 541.221.3408 or visit to enroll.

Level 2 Training Program (60 hours):


Designing Personal Relationships By Choice! ($3,000.00)

The program consists of core seminar requirements in East Meets West: Wellness Choice Coaching plus advanced skills training.  The following areas of training are provided:

1.  Core Competencies

2.  Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

3.  Our Choices Define Us: Wellness  & Prevention

4.  Ethics: Our Guideposts in Coaching

5.  The Development of New Choices

6.  Wellness as a Metaphysical Choice

7.  Beyond Problem Solving to Growth:  Assessment and Evaluation

8.  East Meets West: Integrated Wellness Coaching

9.  Habits of Mind: Developing Critical Thinking

10. Cognitions of Choice: Cognitive Restructuring

11.  Exemplary Coaching: Observation of Leadership Techniques and Strategies

12.  Developing Your Evolving Coaching Business

13.  Relationships:  The Big Five/The Core Connection

14.  Defining Your Coaching Focus

15.  Independent Study: Your Personal Trademark

16.  Launching Your Coaching Business

The training and certification program consists of 60 hours of virtual, tele-training or face to face training segments in which the student will learn a practical approach to coaching.  The student will be taught the foundation skills, learn how to administer and interpret the Core Values Index, DISC, or Coaching Choice College assessments and other assessments in a variety of settings as it applies to their independent study project and advance their coaching practice.

Independent Study Project:

The student chooses an advisor-approved area of study within one of the three concentrations areas of choice coaching.  A research-based project will be developed by the student which allows for building an individualized coaching program.  The Independent Study Project will incorporate the following:

·     A concentrated area of coaching research

·     Utilization of the Core Value Index, DISC or Coaching Choice College assessment tools including application to the specific area of study

·     Three PowerPoint Presentations in support of the specified coaching area

·     The development of marketing materials for the Individual Coaching Project: hand-outs, brochures,
networking plan, etc. 

Other Level 2 Programs:

  • Advocacy~ Integrating a Victim -Defined Approach $3,000.00 

  • Social-Emotional Intelligence Coaching $3,000.00 

For more information about these programs contact Coaching Choice College or call Dr. Clare E Steffen at 541.221.3408

Level 3 Training Program (125 hours):

Coaching by Choice!  ($6,000.00)

   This training program incorporates the 60 hours of advanced choice coaching training (Level 2), plus the development of a specialty niche training of the student’s choice, or in Family or Core Values Coaching.

Family of Choice (FOC) Coaching:  Choice coaching is a specific approach to coach training and when combined with FOC coach training it goes beyond the traditional coaching model and extends mentoring to the development of family support by offering a healing community. $6,000.00


Core Values Coaching:
  Coaching with a focus on values has application in personal and professional relationships.  If you are interested in utilizing an approach that develops and builds values within an individual, couples, companies, or organizations from a relational perspective, this training will help you accomplish your goal. $6,000.00