The creative act is not limited to art, music, dance, or writing; it can be a change in perception that allows us to open ourselves up to new horizons.  Influenced by the work of Victor Frankl (Man’s Search for Meaning) and the applied work of cognitive behavior therapy has led Dr. Steffen to the development of “New Choice” Thinking.  Life is full of transition; moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day, and year to year.  Engaging in  “New Choice” Thinking offers the tools to transcend the difficult situation, create hope, and devise a plan for wellness development.  The person, situation, and behaviors interact in a reciprocal manner (A. Bandura, social cognitive therapy; 1986).  In the same reciprocal manner, our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors interact to influence our social relationships.   Global communication provides the opportunity for us to grow and develop while expanding our social connectivity.  Just as the brain develops neuro-networks of intelligence; increasing our social network offers the opportunity for integrative development (mind, body & spirit).

New Choice Thinking:  Frequently in life, we are born into or exist in situations that do not provide us with validation.  This can lead us to experience discouragement or feel hopelessness.  Establishing personal boundaries and limits is necessary for helping us maintain personal integrity.  We can withstand difficult situations if we feel capable of protecting our dignity.  “New Choice Thinking,” teaches us the skills and self-confidence to develop our whole-person potential.

The three tiered approach to coaching brings the individual, family, or group through new stages of cognitive-social and behavioral development.  At the introductory level, we explore our social and emotional interactions to make “New Choices,” and take initial steps in the development of “New Choice” thinking.

Level I:

Change (Confrontation/Crisis)
Happens; as an
Opportunity; to

“New Choice” Thinking provides a model of corrective mentoring that teaches us to interact

           within ourselves and with others in a transcendent and hopeful manner:

Level II:
hoice or Change
appens; as an
pportunity; to

When we are overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious our ability to think or a creative plane can become blocked.  This can impede growth and self-development for us, our children, and our family.  Engaging in “New Choice Thinking” can help you get past blocked thinking or feeling.  Moving toward the direction of healthy behaviors can help us model wellness.  Developing wellness thinking will give us the tools for a happy and joyful life.

Level III:

Choice or Change
Happens; as an
Opportunity; to
Critical or Creative

onsciousness Choice; leads to
Openness;which restores
Intelligence/Integrity;through acceptance of
Consequences; we gain

Realizing that we always have a “Choice” enables us to maintain hope in life.  No matter our situation, no matter our level of functioning; maintaining hope prevents us from falling prey to depression, anxiety, unhealthy behavior choices, unhealthy relationship choices, and an array of unwanted situations, behaviors or personality traits.

Critical Thinking in the Development of Choice

Level 1
Fear Reduction
Level 2
Level 3

Level 1:  Skills Development/Working Through Unconscious Messages

Level 2:  Development of Positive Psychology/Working Through the Meta-Messages

Level 3:  Conscious Thinking/Mindfulness, Integration and Transcendence

Three Step Process


Learning to develop self-confidence by “Choice” can assist you in developing “New Choice” thinking.  Contact Dr. Steffen immediately to begin the change process: