Individualized Coach Training

Coaching Choice College has worked closely with the Center for Credentialling and Education since it's inception.  We provide board-approved training programs and an evidence-based practice approach to coaching.  CCC provides an individualized approach to education and training because we are highly invested in supporting our holistic model and assisting our trainees in launching an integrative coaching practice.

Launch You Coaching Business

If you need assistance clarifying your business goals, approach, practice focus, you will find assistance at Coaching Choice College.  We assist our trainees in preparing their business as part of our social entrepreneurial model.  This is included in your 30, 60 or 125-hour coach training program.

Continuing Education

Coaching Choice College has developed a separate division in Choice College to provide a wide variety of continuing education options, we also provide the required specialty designation renewal training.  Our courses are affordably priced and offer an extremely high-quality education program.

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Longeviety and Resilience

Coaching Choice College believes in the development of sustainable practices.  Our integrative approach to training and education is designed to assist the coach trainee in maintaining life balance so they can model this for their clients.  We are dedicated to a life-long learning approach to coaching.

Everything in Life is Relational

Dr. Clare Steffen designed each program with an interest in integrative and holistic education.  Every course is supported through our online learning management system.  Clare is committed to building long-lasting relationships with her trainees.  All of our programs are also supported in social media to keep connected and engaged.  Look for Coaching Choice College and on LinkedIn and Facebook.  We invite you to join our groups.

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Next Steps...

Join the growing field of social entrepreneurs by becoming a choice coach!  Contact: 541.221.3408 or