All of the products offered through Choice Studios are designed to improve communication skills, support brain health, encourage healthy choices and decision making, promote mindfulness, and to help develop healthy relationships. Many of the products are designed for individuals of all ages and do not require extra instruction. These cards appeal to individuals, couples, families, therapist, speech therapists, special educators, addiction specialist, health care providers, and caregivers. If you are interested in learning more about how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors influence your beliefs, you will enjoy cards designed by Dr. Clare Steffen. If you want to change your behavior, correct unhealthy habits, or are going through life transitions, you will find support through the use of cards offered through Choice Studio. New cards are being designed and added to the store on a frequent basis, so be sure and check back often. Remember, wellness is a choice!

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Cognitions of Choice Cards: $17.77 + S & H

This card deck is created to assist people in learning about choice and how to make healthy choices. The first suit It is designed to teach 24 traits that can be developed to create a philosophy for living that promotes choice. In the second suit, there are cards that are used to explore the various types of choices we make, and to cue action. There is the third suit of cards that are used to develop confidence in thinking surrounding choice. This has an online assessment that can be taken which provides a report on the areas of strength within nine traits related to confidence for making healthy choices, and a global score on confidence. The fourth suit focuses on choice building skills and creating a desired life philosophy involving choice. We tend to make many choices automatically which helps us be efficient, but sometimes those automatic choices involve habits that can be unhealthy. Engaging meta-choice, or thinking about our choices is a helpful skill, and ultimately we want to initiate choice at a conscious level and be mindful in our decision-making process.

Ocean Reflection Cards $9.74 + S & H:
Dr. Steffen created this deck of cards to improve communication skills for individuals who struggle with language impairment, communication disorders, dementia, and brain-impairing conditions of any type. They can also be used just to improve conversational skills with anyone from children through the elderly. The cards can be used with couples to learn more about one another. The cards help us explore our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and to connect to what we believe or know about ourselves. It is an intentionally simple deck that requires no instruction, and can just be picked up and used. These are mini cards so they can be carried along easily. The images are meant to help induce relaxation and clear the mind to simply focus on the message on the card. They are easy to use for all ages. Everyone likes them and they can be used for or by coaches, therapists or educators.

Exercising Choices $17.77 + S&H:
Exercising choices offers 24 trait cards to assist in the development of choice and to become more efficient at making choices. It also provides 50 exercises to develop the skills needed to make healthy choices. Practicing daily, weekly, and monthly while focusing on developing the traits that support choice will increase the users level of comfort with making choices. These cards are also designed to increase confidence in making choices and to develop a cognitive approach that allows one to develop a philosophy for living designed by choice.

Mindful Moments $17.77 + S & H:
This simple card deck provides cue words to focus on increasing awareness. The intention is to focus on the cue word and choose one for daily, weekly, or monthly focus. Mindfulness is a commonly used word that has multiple meanings. Mindfulness is more than just engaging in meditation, guided imagery or relaxation. The focus on one’s mindfulness could be an object, space, time, a place, an experience, or connecting to that in a way that brings harmony, meaning, and purpose. All of us want to have a purpose in life and to feel aligned and connected. Mindful choices remind us to “Stay Present,” “Feel Alive,” and “Be Aware,” and to use these cards as the focus of our intention. The cards are written with simple words so that almost anyone can pick them up and use them. Mindfulness has many health benefits such as decreasing the symptoms of depression or anxiety, recovery from cardiac incidents or cancer, reducing stress and hypertension, decreasing pain, improving the sleep cycle, improving memory, and cognitive skills. Practicing mindfulness also assists us in improving our relationships by increasing empathy, improving decision-making, managing our emotions, and improving conflict resolution skills. These simple cards have so many benefits, and anyone can start using them today!

Trauma, Choice & Resilience $17.77 + S & H:

This healing card deck offers twelve steps to trauma recovery plus a 12-step personal inventory. A 30 day to a healthier brain program is provided within the deck. Definitions for scientific concepts are provided. Insightful information on each of the topics of trauma, choice, and resilience are provided to assist the user in gaining further insight and understanding into their healing process. Keeping a daily gratitude journal is encouraged along with tracking your thoughts, feelings, and moods using a simple intensity scale. The program is designed to be repeated for several months while improvements and progress are self-monitored or used conjointly with your coach. Working this program with a life coach, therapist, or allied health professional is encouraged.

Healthy Relationships $24.23 + S & H

If you would like to know more about how to develop a healthy relationship with your partner, friends, coworkers, colleagues or others, you will benefit from this card deck. Dr. Steffen created The Big Five of Healthy Relationships as a formula for establishing healthy relationships. Each of these five traits is defined along with the subtraits that support them. There is also a handy assessment provided in the deck that can be used to measure the degree of health in any of your relationships and can be used as a guidepost for improving and maintaining healthy relationships. The cards can be used individually, with couples or groups to stimulate meaningful conversations and to encourage growth and development.

Message Music $9.74 + S & H:
Ever think about music as bringing a specific message that you needed to hear? Those of us involved in promoting message music, not only look for those messages but believe they can be found in every genre. “Music happens in the context of culture and creates a time capsule of what is happening at the moment the music was recorded.” The music evokes an emotional response and transports us in time to revisit that emotional experience. These emotions are universal and are experienced by everyone the world over. I created this card deck to share the message. There are six categories of music: Love, Forgiveness, Freedom, Empowerment, Acceptance, and Hope. These themes can be found throughout music universally, and help connect us to one another.